Knights of Suburbia are a community of women and men with a passion for cycling—whether it be crit racing, commuting or coffee shop rolling.

More than a cycling brand, we’re a movement movement. We cycle for physical and mental health, for the sense of community, for adventure and most importantly, for fun. But what unites us is our mission and sense of purpose:

To change the culture around mental health by raising awareness, stopping the stigma, starting conversations and empowering people to develop wellbeing and resilience in overcoming life’s challenges.

The more people that roll deep in the KOS Kit, the more awareness we can create, the more funds we can raise and the more impact we can make to change lives and the culture around mental health.

Join us. 


Raising awareness

The KOS jersey is intentionally high-viz—it’s a conversation starter.

For those new to KOS it attracts people to ask the question what we’re all about, giving us an opportunity to spread the message. For those in the group it’s a safe place to share their challenges, and support each other on their journey.


Rider in High Vis Cycling Vest
Bike Rider in Knights of Suburbia brand club Cycling Vest

Raising funds

Since 2015, the KOS cycling community, have raised nearly a million dollars for the Love Me Love You foundation through fundraising events including Ride With Me and Pedal For A Purpose, and through our apparel sales.

These funds continue to support the work of Love Me Love You, by enabling them to reach more schools, sporting clubs, councils and corporates and change more lives.


Born IN MELBOURNE. exported to the worlD.

Inspired by a loved one’s battle with mental illness, Knights Of Suburbia was born in the hilly northern suburbs and criterium tracks of Melbourne, Australia in 2015.

Today, the message and mission resonates world wide and across cultures. Our cycling community stretches across Australia, and you’ll find Knights repping in pink from Korea to the UK, Norway to New Zealand.

Want to get involved?

Turn up at your closest social ride and join our online community. Can’t find one in your neighbourhood? Roll your own—let us know and we’ll help you get it started.

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